Just a Fortune 500 Company dropout turned African educator.  Here is my journey from Denver, Colorado to the rural roads of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.  How far are YOU from where you want to be?


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  1. Hey Sister!! This news and this blog make me so happy! My heart is bursting with joy for you! You are doing one of the hardest things in life; and doing what you want to do for YOU! Excited to follow your blog and see your pics! Im hoping i still can do a mission trip in Africa someday! You are going to change so many lives, and most importantly you are changing yours! Congrats on following your dreams! Saying lots of prayers for you!! 💓

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  2. Oh my Ms. Yoga Teacher.. I’m impressed with how good a writer you are, I’m impressed by your sense of adventure, I’m impressed-inspired-by your willingness to reach out to the world. Maybe things work out, maybe they don’t, what’s new were you to stay home -and eat donuts? Glad to know you and your story. Thank you. Robert


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