A Letter from Africa to a Far Away Love

For those of you who don’t know yet, I like writing.  And a big part of writing is putting your words in places where more people can see.  The online magazine “Elephant Journal” published my article called “A Letter to my Far Away to Love: What we Must Remember.”

Read it on the website, comment, tell ‘um how much you like it, and I am one step closer to becoming a professional writer, and one step further from a life of cubicles, spreadsheets, and ill fitting dress pants.

Check out the article here:http://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/06/a-letter-to-my-far-away-love-here-is-what-we-must-remember/

Thanks for the support, my dears, oh how it is appreciated.




5 thoughts on “A Letter from Africa to a Far Away Love

  1. Hi Ella – Your letter is beautiful and may you never forgot the feeling of how you miss your love and loved ones. Someday you will hopefully be blessed with children and know it even more. A big of long yarn but so you may know where part of the passion comes from.

    As Tolkien said “Not all those who wander are lost” You were not fortunate to know your great grandparents on the Kerr side but our grandmother, your great grandmother, had a collection of rocks from everywhere she had visited. I remember looking at them through the glass case, because God forbid we ever touched them (your dad or grandpa can tell you). Grandma was always on a quest to go somewhere. She was one of the smartest women I will have ever known.

    Your great grandpa was patient and kind but also a restless spirit having told me many stories in that old Willies jeep. There was even one of Pancho Villa (if I am not delusional).

    Their love was one that no Hollywood movie could ever match in my eyes. They were polar opposites who protected and loved each other so closely that not a grain of dust could separate (at least that is how my child eyes saw it).

    So one part of your yearning for exploration, quest for knowledge and most importantly passion comes from them. They will be smiling upon you and all their descendants when each of us sees those Golden Sunsets. Remember this and keep it close as you try to understand this great big world.


    1. Brett-
      Thanks so much for your kind words and stories. It’s fun to hear old family stories (and maybe even draw parallels to them and now in a way I would’ve never thought of before.) Your comment was so beautifully written! Thanks for your support in my adventures out here!


  2. Stumbled across your article on Facebook, where I follow Elephant Journal. What a great read. So relatable and powerful. When your soulmate is thousands of miles away, you learn to not take some things for granted. Lovely blog as well.


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